Majed Aldaweesh Law Firm, Legal Consultations Office, and Collection of Funds Office is one of the leading professional offices. Our office has a Collection Department which enjoys full commitment and liability while dealing with clients, and acts on behalf of its principals efficiently in the collection of funds’ processes using the legal settlement methods, which attains the continuous financial flows and saves a tremendous time and effort for the companies. Our teamwork is distinguished in the tasks of collection, recovery, negotiation, dealing skillfully and using the minimum costs in order to collect debts utilizing the amicable ways of settlement, Due to our teamwork obtaining the required experience and skills of effective communication with clients in a way which ensures the continuity of communication and achieving the desired result of payment with no need to litigation. Our office has an impressive reputation amongst companies in terms of adhering to the time and results and achieving tangible results to its clients regarding the recovery of non-performing debts. Our office also has the advantages of following-up the transactions electronically, report writing, and effective communication using innovative methods in the field of risks investigation and assessment. One of the priorities of our office is to make use of the effective and continuous communication, and client maintenance in order that the payment could be made. Actually, you may like our services because it can shortly lead to:

(1) Transferring the burdens and responsibilities of collection to a highly competent and efficient teamwork.

(2) Increasing the flow of revenues using the lowest cost through making the payments.

(3) Reducing the number of judicial lawsuits.

(4) Assessment of debts’ risks in order to assist the principal in taking the right decision.