About us

Our office devotes all its entire experience in order to achieve the best results to its clients, and depends on the constant communication method with clients and consultation with them on a rolling bass regarding any updates related to the submitted cases, and our office is also considered one of the best law firm offices in State of Kuwait wherein a group of specialized lawyers are working (including penal, real estate, banking, family, and corporate lawyers).

Our Principles

We are maintaining the highest level of quality while dealing with our clients, and the group of lawyers working in Lawyer Majed Fahad Aldaweesh Office have a distinguished professional performance that can achieve the best desired results to our clients. Our approach depends on the following:-


Confidence is considered the essence of our relationship with our clients, and it also forms the basis of our success. Our office provides the full support to our clients in their cases, in the presence of a cooperative environment that is keen on maintaining a long-standing relationships with them, and we are also working in accordance with the highest level of professionalism, integrity and confidentiality


Our office is specialized in a number of fields in which it could offer an innovative and unique experience. Our consultants have obtained the required academic qualifications in their areas of specialization, in addition to their actual presence in multiple sectors that are related to their specializations, which makes them well-qualified, renders them special experiences, and makes our office committed to the highest levels of quality.


An experienced team of lawyers and consultants are working together in the different cases in order to provide the best reasonable legal experiences which they gained over several years of law practicing, in addition to their skillful utilization of the linguistic, cognitive abilities and academic researches related to the different legal issues.